A Few Easy Steps to Change the Oil in Your Car

Are you tired of paying a mechanic to change your oil? Want to learn how to do it yourself? Well the truth is, if you have the right stuff it`s really not that hard to do. Just be cautious when working on your car and don`t do it if you don`t understand exactly how to do it.

What you will need:

Oil Change Service

– A car jack

First you will need to find a safe place to jack up your car. Usually anywhere along the frame is safe but I would recommend checking the owner`s manual for recommended places. Place the jack stand along the frame and then slowly lower the jack. Next, put your draining bucket under the oil filter and remove the oil filter using the oil wrench. Then take your new filter and rub a thin layer or new oil along the gasket. Once completed, attach the new filter. Ensure that it is twisted on tightly so it does not leak.

Next, move your draining bucket underneath the drain plug. Use the wrench and proper size socket to remove the drain plug. Allow all old oil to flow out and then tightly screw drain plug back in. Now remove the drain bucket from underneath the car and dispose in safe environmentally friendly storage container.

The next step is to safely jack up your car again, remove the jack stand and then lower the car back to the ground. Then open up the hood of your car and remove the oil cap which is usually labeled. Pour in proper amount of oil which is found in your owner`s manual. Tighten cap and start the engine for approximately 10 seconds. Now remove the dipstick, wipe with a rag and put the dipstick back in. Repeat the last step however before wiping the rag, check the indicator to ensure the oil is at the proper level. Close hood and enjoy your driving your car with fresh oil!

A Few Easy Steps to Change the Oil in Your Car

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