Buying Your Own Parts Good Idea?

Buying Your Own Parts – Good Idea?

Many vehicle owners are usually saddled with unbelievable auto repair costs that they would do anything to save some money. And some may have even experienced getting ripped off by unscrupulous car mechanics with replaced parts that breakdown just after the warranty expires.

It`s understandable that you would consider buying your own auto repair parts just to curtail further car repair costs. And why wouldn`t you? If you can buy quality auto parts for a steal as compared to what the car repair shops are offering.

Although you may think that buying your own parts is a great idea and can save you loads of money there are still things to consider…

First of all, a lot of experienced technicians or repair shops decline to install customer-bought parts. They make good money off the auto repair parts that they mark up, so if you come in carrying your own parts they become reluctant.

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Most shops reduce their labor rates and use the earnings on the auto parts they sell to make up the difference. You may still find shops that might be willing to install the parts for you; the only downside is that the hourly labor rates might be a little bit higher. There are even auto repair shops that have two labor rates, one for regular work and another for installing customer-bought (or owned) parts.

Another thing to consider is that when you buy at an auto parts store, you are buying at full list price. Car mechanics on the other hand can buy the same parts at the same store at a slightly lower price. It is a bit lower than the list price and may vary for each auto part. The discounted price is offered because most car mechanics will buy regularly or even buy in bulk and thus provided a little incentive. (Not so much though for regular folk that will buy one of this and that once or twice in a year.)

If you are still bent on buying your own auto repair parts since you feel you can save a ton of money, the next important step is finding the right car mechanic or auto repair shop that is willing to do the job for a reasonable price.


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