Car Repair The Most Common Problems And What They Mean

Something`s funny and you don`t know what! If you`re not a car repair expert, it`s a little stressful when your vehicle doesn`t run like it`s supposed to. Here`s a guide to the most common problems and what they mean.

Engine Knock

Car Repair

It sounds like there`s a dwarf trapped under your hood knocking to get out – it`s the dreaded »engine knock.» What it means is that there`s too much space between the engine components in the valve train. This is a simple matter of resituating things, but you`d better let a professional do it if you`re not an automotive whiz.

Check Engine Light

The »check engine» light comes on and doesn`t go off. Is something wrong? Probably not. This is the diagnostic computer telling you that something`s wrong, but it may just be something that`s not connected right. The only way to be sure is to get a full diagnostic check. It won`t take long at all, and you can make sure everything`s fine.


Every time you go up a hill, you overheat… that`s not the way it`s supposed to be, right? It`s not, but it`s easy to fix. It could be that the coolant temperature sensor is off, or it could be that an engine fan is broken or not connected. In the case of some older models, it may just be overheating a lot, in which case a good idea is to install a cooler thermostat; this way it will warn you well ahead of actually overheating.

Drifting To One Side

It can be a little frightening when your car starts drifting off the road and you have to hold the wheel to go straight. It`s probably a simple alignment problem. You`re car isn`t broken, it just needs a few minor adjustments.

Rough Ride

If your ride is a little rough and bumpy, you`ve got problems with your shock absorbers. As soon as you start noticing it, head to the mechanic. If caught early, shock absorbers can be fixed. If you let it go on too long, you`ll have to buy new ones, and that can be pricey.

Sudden Loss Of Power

You`re driving along, the radio`s on, the sun`s shining… and suddenly your car dies and you drift to a stop. Don`t start thinking about selling it for scrap just yet. This is caused by a simple electrical problem. While you drive, the alternator charges your battery. It`s just not doing its job because of a blown fuse or bad alternator belt. This is a quick and easy car repair.

Something`s Leaking

Your car`s bleeding! Actually, cars don`t bleed, but they can drip stuff like coolant, oil or break fluid. It`s not deadly, but it can become deadly if not dealt with soon. Don`t panic, but don`t let it go either.

Tire Pressure

Once a month, you should check your tire pressure at the gas station. This is something you won`t notice, but bad tire pressure can cause you to spend more money on gas and wear your tires out sooner. In other words, checking tires saves you money, so do it!

These are the simplest problems that require car repair. None of them are serious if dealt with early. As soon as you hear funny noises, notice strange leaks or see anything else weird, take care of the problem quickly because it will save you money in the long run.

Car Repair – The Most Common Problems And What They Mean

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