Driving With Children in the Car

You probably learned a bit about the safety of children in the car when you were taking driving lessons, but even with training it is important to keep up with all the new safety items used to save children`s lives. It is essential that children be seated in the proper safety seats and that the seats are used in the right way. Not following these rules could cost your children their life.

It is never acceptable to hold a child on your lap when riding in a car. You could never hold on to your child in case of an accident and it is very much illegal besides. It is also not legal or safe to buckle up a child on your lap because it is likely they would be crushed in case of a collision. Letting children ride in luggage storage areas is also not safe or legal because they will be thrown around the car in an accident.

Driving Safety

One of the most easy to remember things about child safety is that children under the age of twelve should always ride in the back seat. This is most important if you have passenger side airbags. You should teach them to buckle up every time you ride anywhere by not leaving your house until everyone has secured themselves with the proper restraint. It is also essential to teach the children to get out of the car in the door that is next to the curb. This will ensure they do not run out into traffic.

When children are still infants, they need to ride in a rear facing infant seat. They can`t ride without one until they reach at least one year old and twenty pounds. Once children are over one year and over twenty pounds they can move into a front facing car seat in the back as per usual. Children remain in this seat until they are over forty pounds and are tall enough for their ears to reach the top of the seat.

The next stage for a child after the move out of the car seat is a booster seat. Children should stay in this booster seat until they reach eighty pounds and are at least four foot nine inches tall. You know when they will be able to use a regular car seat belt because the shoulder strap will go across their shoulder not their neck, and the lap belt will go across the lap not the stomach.

It is always very important to read all instructions on all child safety seats to make sure you have installed them properly and they are working correctly. If you learned to drive in one of the driving schools that cover child safety, you should have a good idea of what to do already.

It is also very important that you teach children not to be loud and distract you too much when driving because this could cause accidents. Also it is good to keep the car clear of things that could fly around while braking or in an accident such as books or even water bottles. All of these great tips will have you and your children riding safely from now on.

Driving With Children in the Car

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