Funny Car Commercials Influencing Car Buyers` Decisions

Funny car commercials are shown in television advertisements all of the time. Many famous car makers including Ford, Chevrolet, Mazda, GM, Hummer, Cadillac, Toyota, and Honda have created these hilarious commercials to sell their cars. Even automobile makers such as Volkswagen, Volvo, and Chrysler have made funny ads featuring their vehicles.

Making Commercials Funny

Car Maintenance

There is one main reason why automobile makers choose to create these hilarious commercials and pay for them to run on television. The main reason is that viewers tend to better remember funny commercials. Buyers will remember the funny ads over the serious ads. This means that when it comes time to make a new car purchase, buyers will first think about the funny car commercials and remember the brand name being advertised. Car companies hope that the funny commercials will stick with the viewers and that the viewer will choose their brand of car over the rest when making a new car purchase.

Getting the Viewers` Attention

Car commercials that are funny can get a viewer`s attention quicker than a serious car commercial. TV viewers will pay more attention to a funny ad and may not change the channel on the TV when a commercial comes on during a show. Car companies have to get the attention of the viewers to sell cars. Making funny ads is one way of doing that.

Getting the Brand Name to Stick

All car companies want their brand names to stick in consumers` minds so that when consumers make a car purchase, they will choose their particular brand. Car companies will try anything to get their own brands to stick so they can sell more cars. If creating funny commercials achieves that goal, car companies are willing to do it.

Watching Car Commercials

People watch TV for a variety of reasons. But one main reason people watch television is to be entertained. It then follows that commercials should also entertain viewers to keep their attention. So many viewers change the channel to other shows during commercial breaks that car companies are trying to keep folks entertained so they won`t change those channels during long commercial breaks.

Do They Work?

Do hilarious car commercials actually work? Do they actually get people to buy cars? That depends on who one asks. Sometimes it really does work because these commercials grab the attention of people who otherwise wouldn`t be listening. Sometimes it works because people remember the brands that made them laugh the most. However, there will always be those who choose to switch the channel to another show.

Before making a new car purchase in the future, think about the various car companies and the commercials about those cars. Which ones stick out the most? Chances are people will remember the funny car commercials and gravitate toward those brands of automobiles.

Funny Car Commercials – Influencing Car Buyers` Decisions

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