Make a Home Made Kid Race Car

Get ready for racing fun with this Home Made Kid Race Car!


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Rectangular Boxes – apple boxes, xerox paper boxes or similar

Colorful plastic or paper plates

Spray paint

Construction paper in assorted colors

Heavy ribbon

Staple gun

Brad fasteners

Craft knife

Glue and Masking tape


Foam letters and numbers to decorate


Prepare the Box – Start with one rectangular box for each party guest. If the box has flaps, cut them off with the craft knife. Turn the box upside down and cut out a square area on one side of the bottom (now the top of your race car) big enough to accommodate a child.

Paint Your Race Car – Spray paint your box a bright color – red, blue, green, yellow, or orange.

Attach »Suspenders» – Using the staple gun, staple heavy ribbon from end to end on either side of the box as »suspenders» to allow kids to wear their cars.

Add Wheels – Choose four plastic plates to make two wheels on either side of the box. Use a contrasting color to the color of the race car box itself. Fasten the plates with brads so the wheels will turn. Add another plate on top of the box to make a functioning steering wheel.

Add Headlights and Tail Lights – Cut two circles of yellow construction paper and glue to the front of the car for headlights. Cut two smaller circles of red construction paper and glue to the rear end of the car for tail lights.

Make an Exhaust Pipe – Make an exhaust pipe from a toilet paper tube with crepe paper streamers. Attach the tube to the car by making a series of cuts around one end of the tube, flaring it out against the back of the car, and securing with masking tape.

Personalize Your Race Car – using colored construction paper shapes, markers, foam numbers and letters.

Now make a race track in your yard using caution tape, old tires, hay bales, or whatever. For great ideas on incorporating this craft into a party, visit our Race Car Birthday Party page.

Make a Home Made Kid Race Car

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